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Hi, I'm Ernie

Ernest Anemone

I am a writer, producer, facilitator, and union actor. I started my career as a trial attorney, helping marginalized communities fight against housing insecurity, police abuse, and other discriminatory policies. After discovering my passion for acting and filmmaking, I started using theater education techniques to help individuals and organizations tell their own stories more effectively. I have worked with doctors, scientists, engineers, bankers, lawyers, students, and Fortune 100 companies across the world.


I have also worked as a story consultant on major motion pictures, such as the upcoming, feature-length documentary "Food 2050."

With my background in law, filmmaking, and facilitation, I bring a unique perspective and skill set to every role I take.


This year I am releasing my debut film "Family Affair" -- a short, queer comedy about the secrets we keep, which I have developed into a series by the same name.

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